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Radon occurs naturally and happening, radioactively. It is odorless and colorless, with uranium as its producer.

Radon is was created in the soil and makes its way into our homes and buildings. As the radon gas rises and penetrates through the building through porous concrete and cracks in its foundation. Another way radon penetrates is through the sump pump system. When this gas makes its way through the indoors, it accumulates without a way to exit.The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S Surgeon General has recommended and indoor space with levels reaching 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) and higher, take measures to remediate radon.

The following facts, put lives at risk when toxic radon levels are left unchecked and uncorrected:

(1) The higher the radon reading, the higher health risks become.

(2) Lung cancer is documented as the leading cause of cancer deaths each year in the U.S.

(3) Lung cancer often metastasizes into other cancers, before or after the individual discovers a cancer diagnosis.

(4) Cancer can effect all people of every race and age, but smokers have even more chances of cancer risk due to radon exposure.

(5) Knowing the risks of radon, informs individuals of the necessity and value in knowing what the indoor radon levels are and addressing elevated gas and its exposure to occupants.


Does Rhinelander, WI contain elevated radon gas?

Answer: Yes, there may be large areas with radon penetrated in the soil, but there can also be pockets of radon under homes, meaning it can be random.  Your neighbor could not have elevated radon and your home could test elevated. There is no rule book for determining what part of  contains high radon. The only way to know, is to test the home. Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing can quickly set up radon testing with results immediately following the radon test. Radon testing will take a minimum of 48 hours and test is set up. Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing is certified to test homes using all forms or laboratory testing kits as well as our large inventory of  radon monitors. Many of our testers have additional training in schools and multi-family building radon measurement. In fact, Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing has more multifamily trained measurement professionals in the state of Wisconsin. We know radon testing! We are the BEST radon mitigation company in Rhinelander, Wisconsin hands down.

Rhinelander radon mitigation systems are no different than other parts of Wisconsin and even the United States. Homes and buildings always need to be tested before determining if it is safe from radon gas penetration. Some studies have show Oneida County to have a 5.1pCi/L average of indoor Radon measurement level, when sampled. A 5.1pCi/L is clearly above the EPA suggested action level. EPA urges all Americans to take action to lower radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L.

In Rhinelander, many roads and streets move from one zip code to the next. For instance, a home located between  Highways 8 and 47 in Rhinelander, WI 54501, was tested and to be found to have elevated radon, but a another home can be located on the same street, further down the road in Rhinelander was measured for radon and found safe indoor radon levels. Again, radon sampling is the only way to know. The longer you wait, the longer your family could be exposed to this known carcinogen to humans.

Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing is proud to be voted #1 in the North woods of Wisconsin

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    Radon Mitigation in Oneida County may be Needed in 44% of Rhinelander, WI Homes

    Oneida County has many zip codes which contain indoor radon levels that are dangerous to live in Rhinelander is the county seat of the county of Oneida, Wisconsin, United States of America. Cassian, Crescent, Enterprise, Hazelhurst, Lake Tomahawk, Little Rice, Lynne, Minocqua, Monico, Newbold, Nokomis, Pelican, Piehl, Pine Lake, Schoepke, Stella, Sugar Camp, Three Lakes, Woodboro and Woodruff. Like every other city and county in Wisconsin, Rhinelander has a radon problem.

    Rhinelander, WI residents and vacation home owners are strongly urged to test and measure their homes and cottages for radon gas.

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