Is Radon Mitigation Necessary in Minocqua, WI?

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Is Radon Testing And Mitigation, Necessary In Minocqua, Wisconsin?

If health and well being is important to you and your family's life, then absolutely, radon mitigation is necessary when levels are elevated.

University of Pittsburgh professor Bernard Cohen has conducted and documented the direct correlation concerning radon gas and the rates of lung cancer in 1600 counties which consist of 90 percent of the United States population. His in depth research contains thorough and calculated data including over 100 ways, with adjustment for many variables. These results hold firm: radon increases can effect cancer levels.

There are hundreds of studies in countries on every continent. Scientists seem to commonly agree that radon gas particles is a definite threat when lung cancer as far as lung cancer is concerned. The coloration between radon and the human body is such a threat according to U.S. Surgeon General, that warning has been issued to all Americans to test their homes and consider radon remediation when these levels are 4pCi/L or above. While the EPA has estimated 14,000 lung-cancer deaths related to radon per year. Science research suggests that radon concentration raised in the air of homes with strong high levels may be responsible for 20,000 annual lung cancer deaths. That is 20,0000 deaths per year directly related to breathing radon gas particles. How can we as a nation not take this seriously?

Yet, so many people in our country do not even know what radon is and that they themselves, could be living with this deadly invisible killer. Ask yourself, if you knew you were living with a killer, would you do something about it and remove it?

There are certainly many Minocqua residents living in the area full time or part time who may have had no idea that they were living under and in buildings with these elevated levels, only to find themselves with a lung cancer diagnosis or metastasized into some other form of cancer.

Many folks in Oneida county find this information out when they go to purchase a home. In Wisconsin, the offer to purchase contains verbiage pertaining to whether or not the prospective buyers choose to get a radon test with their home inspection. This is often the first clue that there could be a potential radon issue with the property and this may be the time to check it out.

For those who choose to avoid radon testing, the issue could certainly come up one day when or if they decide to sell the property and the next potential buyers make an offer on the property. Think of it this way, wouldn't you rather fix the problem, if there is one, early and with the benefit of living without elevated radon for all of the years you are occupying the property or just fixing the issue when you are about to vacate?

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    What if I have been exposed?

    Although there are not presently any medical testing in Minocqua, Rhinelander or throughout the U.S. to determine how long and and what levels your body has been exposed to radon or what the harm has caused to the body thus far, it is wise to consult with your physician regarding your radon test results and whether or not further tests should be done on your body. Your doctor should inform you about what physical signs to look for to determine possible signs of lung cancer, such as a new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, tightness or pain in the chest, hoarseness or difficulty swallowing.

    Smokers are even more so encouraged to check for signs and is best to quit smoking. The combination or radon gas exposure along with smoking is extremely dangerous to the human body in terms of lung cancer risk.

    Exposure to radon while working through a job such as uranium workers, minor,millers, transit in these fields or coal miners threatens health tremendously. Fortunately, Minocqua does not have these type of mines,

    When you find a property that you would like testing or mitigation, contact Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing here

    Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing in Oneida County, Wisconsin may be Needed in 47% of Minocqua Homes

    Oneida County Residents are urged to test their homes for radon.


    Examples of ordinary Minocqua, WI homes that should test for radon

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    • 8672 Curtis Lake Dr Minocqua WI 54548
    • 11071 Bellwood Dr, Minocqua, WI 54548

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