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Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing knows that gas can be difficult to abate. Don't go another day wondering if radon is infiltrating your house. Minocqua Radon is here to lower dangerous cancerous radiation levels. We are ready and experienced to take on even the most difficult and highest levels.

Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing levels can be elevated throughout Oneida county & Rhinelander Wisconsin 715-504-1122

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Radon Mitigation in Zip Codes in Minocqua, WI

The state of Wisconsin has put a study together measuring and collecting data determining what radon levels are in zip codes around the state of Wisconsin. What makes a street or avenue in a zip code more susceptible to elevated radon gas?

What can data from Wisconsin Zip Codes Tell Us About Radon?

Radon can penetrate through different areas of the foundation, because radon is penetrated from the soil, but there can also be pockets of radon under homes, meaning it can be random.  Your neighbor may not have elevated radon,  but your home could test elevated. There is no rule book for determining what part of Minocqua contains high radon. The only way to know, is to test the Oneida County home. Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing can quickly set up radon sampling and get  results quickly following the radon test. Radon testing will take a minimum of 48 hours and test is set up. MInocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing is certified to test homes using all forms or laboratory testing kits as well as our large inventory of  radon monitors. Many of our testers have additional training in schools and multi-family building radon measurement. In fact,  Minocqua Radon has more multifamily trained measurement professionals in the state of Wisconsin. We know radon testing! We are the BEST radon mitigation in Minocqua, Wisconsin hands down.

Minocqua Radon Mitigation and Testing deals with radon in vacation homes as well as homesteads in Minocqua and other parts of Wisconsin and even the United States. Homes and buildings always need to be tested before determining if it is safe from radon gas penetration. Some studies have show Oneida County to have a way above average of indoor EPA urges all Americans to take action to lower radon levels above 4.0 pCi/L.





Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing radon mitigation systems types 11070 Bellwood Dr Ste 42, Minocqua, WI 54548 Symbol
Minocqua Radon Mitigation & Testing Oneida County & Vilas County 11070 Bellwood Dr Ste 42, Minocqua, WI 54548 Symbol

Radon Mitigation in Racine County may be Needed in more than 30% of Minocqua Homes

Oneida County Residents are urged to measure radon gas their homes.

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